Planning to design, redesign a website for school or education institute?

Planning to design or redesign a website for school or education institute?

My main question is, Are you planning or thinking about design or redesign your school or educational institute website?

Then this post will show you the factor on which you should be careful and what you need to have must.

Now lets jumps to features,

Feature One: For school and education institute you need 9 pages the must,

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Faculties
  • Departments
  • Admission Procedure
  • Notices
  • Fee Structure
  • Gallery
  • Contact Us

These are general page structure of school website i.e. the must have pages in school website.

Feature Two: Every school website need to have a clean and informative home page that shows the current state of school that may also contain the banners/sliders, 600 words of introduction which will help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Feature Three:

Notices & News:  Notices and News can serve multiple purposes for a school—from sharing inspirational success stories to keeping current families informed of important matters. Your school must have this feature.

Calendar: Your school website also need to show academic calendar where students or any one can easily check schools academic time table. An organized calendar on your school website will help ensure that families have the information they need to participate in these events.

Location & Contact Details: With the clearly visible text font and color school website have to show where school is located, contact number, contact email and now a days Google Maps is also being very important to search the exact location using GPS.

Forms: Forms may occur into three types 1. Contact Form 2. Online Admission Form 3. Parents Form(Fill up by parents if they want to suggest or inform something about school and their child) No.3 form is optional for school but No.1 & No.2 should be in school’s website.

Feature Four: School’s website also need to have the complete information about school management committee,  academic committee, (Parents Teacher Association)PTA, Teacher’s information and last but not the least Physical Infrastructure of School like class rooms, canteen, Laboratory (computer, physics, chemical, biology * if available ), play ground, toilets etc. It will be more interactive if you able to show Virtual Tour of school.

As you seek to improve your school website, but seek iterative approaches to add vital features your visitors are looking for. You can improve your school website by choosing Kodeonix over time, or recognize when you have reached the limits of a current platform once you know what goals you have for your web presence.